10th February ’17 Workshop Review

Why “How to Balance a Low Budget Whilst Managing a Client’s Expectations”?

Whilst studying Events Management (BA) at Greenwich University, during the Contemporary Issues in the Events Industry module we created and presented a workshop on a contemporary issue to the peers of stage 3. I chose the workshop “How to balance a low budget whilst managing a client’s expectations” as I felt it was a very relevant topic. This is a scenario that occurs daily when organising events, be that with corporate or private event types, all clients today are wanting to limit their budgets but retaining the same value for their money as with bigger budgets. By researching top tips and creating a workshop with my team for my peers, this has given me a better insight into for my future career and how I will be able to manage my future clients’ expectations if they provide a low budget. It has better prepared me with the most efficient methods and the alternative options I will be able to give to clients that do wish to lower their budgets.

Group Work

As I was a direct entry student into 3rd year at Greenwich, I had never met or worked with Hannah, Tanya, Jayson or Rosita, but we quickly established our individual roles within the team. Without realising it I became team leader, rallying the troops together to create an effective and dynamic workshop for our peers to get involved with. As the workshop was not due until February we agreed to assemble after Christmas to piece together the schedule. During Christmas I created a plan for the workshop, so as to ensure that we left enough time for each section for everyone to elaborate upon. This also meant that after Christmas it was merely a case of allocating specific areas to each team member to research and present;

  • Tanya decided to research and present previous events that had incredibly low, or non-existent budgets and how those events accomplished this difficulty
  • Hannah took charge of the group discussions, ensuring that each team had a unique scenario, whilst relating to the workshop theme
  • Jayson created a questionnaire so as to gage the knowledge of our peers at the start and whether they retained and gained any new knowledge throughout the workshop
  • Rosita created the top tips for the peers to take away and be able to implement within their future or current careers in the events industry


Things to watch out for

Although each member of the team did do the research that we all agreed upon there were a few difficulties along the way;

  1. Lack of Effective CommunicationAs everyone has very busy individual lives, it became apparent that this inhibited communication between all team members. This did manifest into difficulties on agreeing meeting times and locations along with agreeing on decisions. Should you find yourself in situations where decisions are not being made, make them yourself, but inform the remaining members of such. This then allows them to dispute this decision should they feel it unfair.
  2. Lack of MotivationAfter Christmas all members felt subdued, it became apparent that there was a lack of motivation to get the job done. Should this happen, become the person to motivate the others, suggest new ideas, compliment and agree (if applicable) to those members that offer ideas and support each other with preparing for the workshop.
  3. Managing Personalities – Having become the team leader, I found it difficult to understand how to effectively manage and respond to other peoples personalities and traits. But I soon learnt that some preferred to be spoken to individually rather than in group contexts whilst others did not respond to messages at all. This is an area of working life that you will need to become accustomed to.  It is tempting to treat all the same, but not all people respond to the same message the same way.

The Epilogue

In conclusion, despite these difficulties, during the workshop we presented confidently and with clear motivation behind the objectives that we set. Each group member knew their section in-depth, was able to expand and answer questions, with occasional help from other members. As a group, we presented well together, those members who lacked motivation and contribution during the planning stages, illustrated real presence during the workshop. However, in future group work, I shall endeavour to focus more on attaining all members commitment to the project during the early stages, rather than wait. I shall also try motivating the team from the beginning, giving each member individual focus and tasks to complete in plenty of time. This workshop has given me the opportunity to broaden my team work and leadership skills, whilst enlightening my knowledge on top tips to managing a clients expectations when confronted with limited budgets. This knowledge will help me in my future career with knowing how to effectively manage a group of individuals, with varying types of personalities, along with managing my clients and their budgets.